Famous People Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy

If you are considering Bankruptcy – you are not alone.  Many famous people throughout history have used Bankruptcy as a way to start over and find future success.

So while it may feel like it, just know you are not alone.  In fact, you are in very good company



Donald Trump

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses S. Grant

Thomas Jefferson



Mark Twain

Oscar Wilde



David Bowie

Toni Braxton

MC Hammer

Merle Haggard

David Crosby

Willie Nelson

Cyndy Lauper

Mick Fleetwood



Burt Reynolds

Mickey Rooney

Randy Quaid

Don Johnson



Johnny Unitas

Mike Tyson

Jose Conseco

Gaylord Perry

Dorothy Hamill



Other notables:

Walt Disney

Henry Ford

Francis Ford Coppola

J.C. Penny


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