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I’ve been an attorney for fourteen years, working day in and day out with my clients to navigate the complicated bankruptcy process. I have a passion for finding effective solutions for the residents of Orange County and Irvine, California because I was raised and educated here.

My deep connection to the Orange County and Irvine community is one reason I choose to fight side by side with my clients. As a bankruptcy attorney, I believe that a hands-on approach is best, both for my advocacy and your peace of mind. You need an attorney who is not just qualified, but is also personally committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Practice Areas

My area of practice in Irvine, California focuses on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings as well as criminal defense. Chapter 7 proceedings are appropriate for people who have few assets and fall below a certain income threshold; this path allows clients to go through the process within six months and come out on the other side debt free.

Chapter 13 proceedings are appropriate for people above a certain income level who have assets; this process allows you to restructure the debt, some of which must be paid back over a period of up to five years. Both options allow you to halt foreclosure, repossession and pending lawsuits. For further assistance, contact an experience bankruptcy attorney.

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